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The Second Annual Cairo English School Model United Nations

10th - 11th February 2023

Latest News.

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the video

The team got together and put their minds together to create the most entertaining "Meet the Team" video ever. After giving it some thought, they decided to go with a "Friends" theme, by recreating the legendary intro. The team subsequently got together after the last day of the term and started getting ready for the video. Our Deputy Secretary General, Selim Halim, focused carefully on how the intro was structured and later on shot the scenes and edited the video to perfection.
We hope you enjoy it.

CESMUN'23 Meet the Team Video

The First Mailing can be accessed from below

A message from the Secretary General

Esteemed delegates and directors, 

        I Nour Taha am proud, honored, and privileged to be serving as the Secretary General for the second annual session for the Cairo English School Model United Nations conference (CESMUN). Working alongside me are my exceptional Deputy Secretaries - General, Adham Marzouk, and Selim Halim. 

        I founded the CESMUN in November of 2021, 5 months later CES was hosting the first MUN of its kind in February 2022. The conference entertained 80 delegates in 3 forums. Now one year later after determination and perseverance, I present to you CESMUN who has 6 schools attending across 7 forums, and a partner with MUN Impact. CESMUN was able to prove as being an excellent conference where delegates enjoy debates with the most prestigious Board of Directors, and a Student Officer team here to facilitate all the delegates' needs. CESMUN creates globally minded individuals as participating in these debates, representing countries, discussing global issues plays a key role in the development of a well rounded globally minded individual. It is our hope that delegates leave this conference with something much more than a debate, we hope our delegates enter the conference to learn and leave to serve the community, which is one of the Cairo English School’s attributes. 

         CESMUN would not have made it without our excellent MUN Director, Ms. Shereen Raouf, and our Organizing Team led by Nour Sherif. Each member in our exceptional team has played an integral part in the creation of the CESMUN, and resurrecting the conference. These members are one of the most fundamental parts of the conference. 

        This year the theme of the conference is “Social Standards”. We are dedicating this conference to Generation Z. Social media influences our life and creates a standard that is not always true. We are promoting the idea of living with no filters and the journey to self. 


I’m looking forward to meeting all the delegates, 


Nour Taha

Secretary General of CESMUN ‘23

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