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What is CESMUN?

CESMUN is a student-led MUN conference that is annually held in Cairo English School. It originally started in 2019 though due to COVID-19 restrictions, it got cancelled. CESMUN was ressurected in 2022 with Nour Taha as Secretary General and Adham Amr as Deputy Secretary General. This conference was held on 4th and 5th of February and it entertained a total group of around 100 delegates - it was one of the biggest events of that academic year. This year however, CESMUN has expanded. Alongside Nour and Adham, Selim Halim was introduced as Deputy Secretary General. CESMUN'23 - our third conference - is to be held on the 10th and 11th of February and is expected to entertain over 200 delegates from both CES and 6 different schools around Cairo. Due to the hard work of our amazing Secretariat and Organizing Committee, CESMUN has more than doubled in size, from 3 councils last year to 7 this year. We are hoping that this year's MUN is a great success and a blast to all students who are to join this conference. The days are filled with enjoyable, yet serious, debates that can hopefully encourage the youth to act in the future. We truly hope that this conference is nothing but a weekend packed with debate, hard work and most importantly, fun. 

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150+ Delegates 

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Over 150 delegates are expected to join this year's MUN from a total of 7 different schools including: CES, AIS, BISC, CAC, MES, BCCIS and Hayah


Cairo English School

Located in Cairo English School on Suez Road, Mirage City


Students only

This conference is entirely student led, wether it's the high board, organizing committee or student officers, and is made for students wishing a great MUN experience

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